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My name is Ana and my fashion’s relationship was long time ago.

At age of 9 I designed my first skirt.

All I needed was a thread, a needle, a pencil, some buttons and my mother who threaded the needle and made a dream come true.

My high school folder has fashion editorials on it I dreamt that one day I will participated in one of them.

Ten years after sew my first garment, I returned to Madrid to study Fashion Design at te Institute Europeo di Design. There I created my first projects and my dream just becoming true.

I made some collections at MBFWM with Roberto Torretta brand.

In 2021 I traveled to Tulum, where I worked as a manager in a holiday resort. There I had some people under my responsibility and I learned to manage a wonderful team. In the meantime I was designing a proposal uniforms for the entire resort.

Concurrently I work as Fashion Stylist in spots as brands as Pantene, Schmidt, Kinder, L’Oreal, Movistar..and at the same time I manage my own brand AChasoG Studio.